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Aditri are listed amidst the reputated supplier importer,exporter of paper products Eco-Friendly Bags.

Eco-Friendly bags are getting more popular nowadays and environment friendly. Eco-Friendly bags are made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials. We provide Eco-Friendly bags with best quality and competitive price in today’s market. We are dealing with Eco-Friendly Carry Bags, D Cut Bags, Loop Bags, Box Bags with various colors and customized design on the bags as follows, Company name and logo on the bag. Various colour options and customized design as per our client’s requirement.

Our Infrastructure !

It takes Eco-Friendly fabric as raw materials. It can produce Eco-Friendly bags of various sizes and shapes, such as Eco-Friendly D cutting bags, soft loop bags, strip through bags, T-shirt bags, gift bags, and other products packaging bags.

It adopts the PLC programmable logic controller as main control, touch screen.
(Made in Taiwan) Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic system.
Edge positioning control system (EPC).
Equipped with photoelectric tracking material, stopping automatically when the material is finished.
Stepping motor for feeding material.(YASKAWA servo motor) for your choice.
Photoelectrical eyes for tracking printed bag and the feeding error.
Vector inverter as speed regulator.
Ultrasonic for cross sealing for export standard quality Taiwan Ming you.
Automatic accounting and set table counting alarm.
It can make various shapes bags such as vest bag, flat bag. handle bag and patch

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